Mangalwedha Jowar (Upcoming)

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Geographical Indication No. 472
Also Known as: Maldandi Jowar
Scientific Name: Sorghum vulgarie

Place of Origin:
Mangalwedha Tehsil, Dist.: Solapur, (MS, India)

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  • Pearly white bold and round grain with a thin pericarp. Head is brown in colour.
  • High percentage of glucose as compared to other varieties of Jowar.

Nutritional Value & Health Benefits:

  • Affluent source of Carbohydrate, Dietary Fiber and Calcium.
  • Good source of fat, protein, vital amines, minerals.
  • High antioxidants as compared to other grains.

Health Benefits

  • Safe for people with Celiac disease.
  • Healthy fats in sorghum significantly reduced “bad” (non-HDL) cholesterol.
  • Anti-proliferative activity.

Value Added Products:

  • Jowar Flakes
  • Jowar Chakkali Mix
  • Jowar Idli Mix
  • Jowar Fine Rawa
  • Jowar Vermicelli

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