Navapur Tur Dal


Geographical Indication No. 477
Also Known as: ‘Diwal Tur’, ‘Desi Tur’, ‘Khokali’ (local names)
Scientific Name: Cajanus cajan

Place of Origin:
Tal. Navapur, Dist. Nandurbar, (MS, India)

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  • Unique traditional method for preparing de-hulled split cotyledons of seeds which includes roasting the seeds in ash.
  • Excellent aroma.
  • Golden White in Color.
  • Requires less time for cooking.

Nutritional Value & Health Benefits:

  • Affluent source of protein.
  • Leaves are used for rearing silkworms; green pods are used as a vegetable; husk, green leaves and tops are used as fodder and also as green manure.

Health Benefits

  • Anti-oxidant.
  • Hypocholesterolemic effects.

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