Waghya Ghevada (Upcoming)

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Geographical Indication No. 476
Also Known as: Koregaon Waghya Ghevada
Scientific Name: Phaseolus vulgaris L.

Place of Origin:
Koregaon, Khatav Tehsils, Dist. Satara, (MS, India)

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  • Faint Pink Color having red lines on it which resembles tiger skin hence the name – Waghya Ghevda.
  • High Nutritional Content – Rich in Carbohydrates & Protein.
  • Tastes sweeter as compared to other Rajama varieties.

Nutritional Value & Health Benefits:

  • Good source of vitamins, minerals, and plant derived micronutrients.
  • Low in Calories and contain no saturated fats.
  • Rich source of dietary fiber.
  • Source of health promoting antioxidants.

Health Benefits

  • Adequate fiber reduces blood cholesterol.
  • Scavenge harmful oxygen free radicals.

Value Added Products:

  • Rajama

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1 kg, 500 gm