Bhiwapur Chilli (Upcoming)

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Geographical Indication No. 473
Also Known as: Doda (local language)
Scientific Name: Capsicum annum

Place of Origin:
Bhiwapur, Umred, Kuhi Tehsils, Dist. Nagpur, (MS, India)

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  • Chillies are for Bhiwapur what Oranges are for Nagpur.
  • Dark Red Color.
  • Non-Acidic Pungent Taste (Higher Pungency: 115733-130498 Scoville Heat Unit).
  • Requires only one irrigation and less crop protection measures during cultivation.

Nutritional Value & Health Benefits:

  • Capsaicin Content: 0.76 – 0.87%.
  • Burns the calories easily.
  • Vitamin A present in this Chilli reduces inflammation of lungs and emphysema caused due
    to cigarette smoking.
  • Anti-microbial properties.

Value Added Products:

  • Chilli Powder

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